Membership is for the calendar year; therefore it expires on December 31. New members who join now do so through end of 2024 (i.e., expiration is 12/31/24 for one-year members and 12/31/26 for three-year members)

SIPS is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and believes membership fees should never be a hurdle to participating in the organization. Therefore, if you would like to be a member of SIPS but the membership fee is a burden, you may select a discount code that fits your needs: please enter the code REDUCE50 to reduce the fee by 50%, or REDUCE75 to reduce the fee by 75%. The field to enter the discount code is at the bottom of the third screen, below the "Background and demographics" section. If you are unable to pay the discounted membership fee, you can apply for a 100% fee waiver by submitting a Hardship Dues Waiver Request prior to completing this membership form. If you have any questions please contact SIPS at

SIPS is a service organization whose mission is to support psychological science and scientists. The information that we collect in the "Background and demographics" section of our membership form is used to understand how our organization and its members are representing the field and society at large. For example, we may use this information to analyze how well the society's officers and conference speakers represent the society's members; how well SIPS members represent academic psychology as a whole; and so on. 

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